Saturday, October 25, 2008

iTunes Rent-A-Failure

The kids wanted to watch a movie tonight, so I decided that I was going to save myself a trip to the rental place and give iTunes movie rental a shot for the first time.
I first made sure that I could connect the laptop to the TV, that the sound worked, and that I could find a movie they'd liked.
We decided on the "102 Dalmatians", they kids were excited, we even watched the preview... but the iTunes Store let me down, with a bunch of dissappointed kids.
I tried almost 10 times, and it failed every time... So I guess I'm done with iTunes movie rentals. Thanks Apple.  :(


Anthony said...

I have 5 people at my house right now. We spent weeks planning movie night and its not working for us either.... ahhh we made popcorn and ordered 50 wings. I can't stand it!

Laurent said...

Extremely frustrating!
Good thing we had just bought a new Disney movie recently. Ariel's Beginning DVD to the rescue.

Anonymous said...

Yeah man...Apple Sucks! You are a slave to the machine! ;)

Anonymous said...

So, I doubt you care now, but the problem was that Apple's servers were extremely busy due to the introduction of movies to Australia/New Zealand. The servers could not handle all of the requests. You basically just picked a sh*tty time to try and download a movie. I'm sure that if you tried it again all the problems have been fixed.