Tuesday, June 09, 2009

iPhone 3GS: upgrade or not?

Just like every other Apple fan out there I was excited about the announcement of the new iPhone 3GS yesterday. I was considering upgrading but AT&T ruined it for me.

I currently have the original iPhone (Edge network) and paid the non-subsidized price of $399 for it. The plan costs $20/month, including 200 SMS. Upgrading to iPhone 3GS will cost $199, plus $30/month data plan + $5/month for 200 SMS. That's $15 more per month, so the total comes to $199 + (24 x $15) = $559. Wow.

All of that for the same lousy AT&T service? And you can pretty much count on AT&T to charge extra for MMS and Tethering... so... NO THANKS.

AT&T sucks.